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Information Security Management System

ISMS and Security Operations Centre are needs of every organization that is aiming to make mark in the marketplace. With public facing applications and websites, companies need to manage their information security in a manner that meets the privacy, confidentiality, and integrity of information, whether that belongs to the organization, its employees, its customers of other third parties.


We help our clients implement ISMS in a most cost-effective way. We achieve this by performing a readiness assessment of your existing process and produce a gap matrix. We then work with your relevant teams and prepare remediation plans by building on your existing processes and adding only those enhancements that are necessary to address the gaps identified. We also help our clients to build long term plans to achieve full maturity of ISMS components in a phased time frame.

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Risk & Control Framework

Every business works with checks and balances implemented to achieve a desired level of business objectives. When it comes to meeting with your customer expectations or any compliance requirements, it is prudent to demonstrate how your checks and balances align with applicable framework like ISO 27001, COBiT, COSO, NIST etc.


We help businesses by leveraging on their existing practices, mapping them to applicable segments of control frameworks and stretching them to meet the required maturity levels.

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Cybersecurity is as much a buzz word as a real goal of any business. Its scope is so limitless that organizations struggle assessing the right needs within their budget allocations. Cybersecurity does not mean the same for a bank as it does for a hospital or a manufacturing facility.


We help companies to develop a risk-based top-down methodology that is aligned to their business risk profile and risk appetite.


Information Security & Risk Services

With data being accessed from across the world with the help of a variety of application systems and devices, Information Security is more important now than it ever was. What is enough is a challenging question for every organization. Security paradigm traverses a wide spectrum bringing question where the needle is supposed to rest.


Our services allow you to underscore the key areas of your business risks that need to be addressed in a manner that is risk based, budget friendly, and improves your overall security posture. We can help improve your existing processes or finds ways to make them more effective and reliable with minimal effort.


User Access Management

Whether your applications are in the cloud or on your premises, user access management is important for providing required business functionality to users and to keep your data and information secure.


Related to user access is the concept of Segregation of Duties (SOD) which helps in keeping incompatible or conflicting business functions separate in user access. We assist organizations in determining how and what role-based access management approach is ideal for user access and SOD risk management.

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Support for Audit & Assurance

Getting ready for audit, inspection, certification, or accreditation is usually a new area for every business, especially when they do this for the first time. It is important to understand all the requirements for a successful outcome of such an exercise.


It may be a customer audit, obtaining certifications like ISO 27001 or SOC1, we bring knowledge and experience necessary to prepare you for such events, be they for your IT process or other business areas.

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Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory or legal compliance is a necessity. It however need not be without value. We help businesses address their compliance needs with methods that not only meet the compliance requirements but also add value to business in terms of robust processes or reduced likelihood of potential losses.


We can help with Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), GDPR, COPA, HIPPA, PCI, and a lot more.

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Software Selection Support

Days of in-house application development are almost over because third parties are offering every solution one can think of. However, Information gathering about what is available around the world is most critical in today’s information age.


We assist clients in selecting the most suitable software / application for their needs. We use our expertise in application selection methodology, interview client organization staff to gather their exact needs, and develop use-cases for vendor assessment / presentation so that offered application is vigorously reviewed before purchase decision.

Business Consultation

Process Design

Implementing new ERP systems or other applications is a challenging effort, especially if precise mapping of business process and controls are to be reflected in the application workflows and configurations.


Our experienced professionals are expert in understanding your business process and spot risk points so that appropriate system configurations can be designed for preventative and automated controls to manage the risk. We help visualise information needs of our clients for management analysis and regulatory reporting and design system reports that contain the needed data. We also help design visual dashboards for regular management review of critical KPIs.

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ISO Compliance & Certification

Companies that operate in international markets often strive to project their processes to be of global standards. Following established frameworks like ISO 27001 or COBiT is usually a prudent way to do it. It also helps in obtaining accreditations that certify meeting such standards


Our teams help companies to implement all facets of ISO 27001, COBiT as well as to prepare them to gain the process maturity that enables ISO certification. We follow a systematic approach to assess the applicability of each component of ISO 27001 and design policies and procedures that meet ISO guidelines.

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